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Talking Digital Bathroom Scales For Home or Office

Bathroom Scale My Weigh Phoenix Talking Scale

Bathroom Scale My Weigh Phoenix Talking Scale

Ref: 12

Bathroom Scale Phoenix Talking Digital
330lb x 0.2lb - The Phoenix Talking is one of the best bathroom scales available! Great for anyone with poor eyesight. It displays your weight on the digital LCD display and it TALKS!.

Price: $49.90

Bathroom Scale Talking Phoenix Body Fat Scale

Bathroom Scale Talking Phoenix Body Fat Scale

Ref: 13

Phoenix Body Fat Digital
440lb x 0.2lb - 200kg x 0.1kg The Phoenix digital body fat scales with weigh-in and body fat modes. 10-user Memory personal data storage. Automatic turn on (just tap on the scale and it turns on) makes this scale very easy to use. Accurate within 1% of actual weight

Price: $44.90

Bathroom Scale My Weigh XL-550 Talking Scale

Bathroom Scale My Weigh XL-550 Talking Scale

Ref: 15

Bathroom Scale XL-550 High Capacity Talking
550lb x 0.2lb - The XL high capacity bathroom scale has an increased 100lb capacity over the XL-440, a large digital display and it TALKS! The XL-550 digital bathroom scale makes a great gift.

Price: $49.90

My Weigh XL-550 Digital Bathroom Scale Reviews

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Digital Bathroom Scale Review

The My Weigh XL-550 Talking Digital Bathroom Scale is a high capacity talking bathroom scale (weighs up to 550 lb) that is suitable for heavy, large-sized individuals who are more comfortable stepping on a large platform, as well as users who are blind or have diminishing vision. The weight measurement is read out to users, removing the obstacle to reading the digital weight display.

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Scale Highlights

-Tap to turn on, then step on scale for weight
-Talking weight announcement can be turned off and on
-Weighs up to 550 lb/ 250 kg (High Capacity Bathroom Scale)
-Large platform 14.7 inches by 11.2 inches
-Measures in 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg increments
-Super-size digital weight readout display
-Platform made of sturdy plastic (not glass)
-Uses 4 x AA batteries (included)
-Auto-off in 10 seconds after user steps off
-30-year warranty

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Scale Review

Easy to Use

This scale is easy to use. To use it, the user will first tap or step on the machine with one foot to turn it on. The talking scale will be ready within seconds, and it will also announce that it’s ready. At this time, the user can step on the scale to get his or her weight read taken and then read to them. The scale will display the user’s weight as well as speak it out loud, unless the sound has been turned off.

Once you get off the scale, it would stay on for 10 seconds before automatically shutting down. This helps save on the product’s battery power. For repeated uses, just tap the scale with your foot again and it will turn on automatically.

Accurate Weight Readings

Most users find that this scale weighs accurately. A number compared the weight readings from this scale to their other weight readings taken at doctor’s offices and other good weight scales. This scale was able to give comparatively close numbers.

The scale accuracy extends to both light and heavy users. At least two users who weighed in at the 450 to 500 lb range gave positive testimonials to the weight accuracy of the scale. On the lower end, our reviewer weighed 108 lbs on the scale, and this matched up with her weight measurements with other digital weight scales known for their accuracy. She also tested the scale by carrying an extra 6 lbs of weight, and the scale was able to detect the additional weight accurately.

The stated weight accuracy is plus or minus 1% of the user’s total weight in pounds (or +/- 1 lb of variation per 100 lbs in weight). This is pretty standard for consumer-grade bathroom scales.

High Capacity

It’s weight limit is 550 lb or 250 kg. This is designed to be a high capacity scale that can provide weight readings for large sized people. That said, it works for bother heavy or light users. In the video above, it was able to accurately weigh the reviewer who weighed 108 pounds. There are lots of reviews from users with heavy weights who found that this scale measured accurately.

Wide Sturdy Platform

The platform size of 14.7 inches by 11.2 inches works for almost all users. The surface of the scale is made of sturdy high quality heavy plastic. It provides ample space to stand comfortably on the platform, and hold still for a second to get an accurate weight reading. For most users, the weighing in experience has been really comfortable and stable.

That said, everyone is different, so there are variations and exceptions in experience. One man with size 13 shoes said that he found it a little challenging to stand on the scale, while another at size 15 said he had no problems.

For some users, the sturdy high quality heavy plastic surface appears more reliable to step on than a tempered glass scale platform. This could be unfounded, but, there are sometimes fears of glass cracking under stress, and that the glass will get slippery when damp. That’s why some people prefer to go with this scale model, for the reason that it has a heavy-duty plastic platform.

Sound Can Be Turned On and Off

Users can turn on/off the speaking function of the scale and simply view the numbers on the display screen. To do this, simply turn the speaker switch located at the bottom of the scale.

For some users, this feature is helpful when sharing the scale with other family members who prefer not to hear their weight. Some also find that they are able to make progress in their weight loss journey and get to a point where they can look down and easily read off the digital display.

Huge Digital Display

The digital display is located at the topmost part of the scale for an easy visual as needed. Amongst talking bathroom scales like the My Weigh Phoenix or Taylor 7084, the digital display for this model is the largest. The digits are displayed in a generous height – approximately 1.5 inches – allowing users to view the reading by just simply looking downwards.

Unfortunately, the screen is not backlit so it’s best to use this in a well-lit room if you’ve turned the speaker off.

The My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale is perfect for anyone who has trouble reading the digital display. Whether you are heavy or have limited vision, this gadget can be a great accessory to any weight loss or health maintenance program.

My Weigh Phoenix Talking Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Are you considering the My Weigh Phoenix talking digital bathroom scale for yourself or a loved one? We will look into how this bathroom scale fares in terms of ease of use, accuracy and effectiveness of the voice announcement feature through this Phoenix talking digital bathroom scale review.

The Phoenix talking bathroom scale is an attractive and easy to use talking digital scale that will announce the users weight in a clear and pleasant voice. Users like this bathroom scale because of it’s ability to articulate one’s weight. They no longer have to squint their eyes or bend down on the knees just to get a good weight reading. The talking feature makes it ideal for anyone who is blind or visually impaired.

Highlights of the My Weigh Phoenix Talking Bathroom Scale

-Step on the scale to turn it on
-Automatically turns off when not in use
-Easy to hear weight announcement
-Audio weight announcement can be turned on/off easily (for privacy)
-Sturdy plastic platform 10.7? long by 13.3? wide
-Extra large digital display (approx. 2.5 by 1 inches)
-Accurate strain gauge technology
-Weight capacity: 330 pounds
-Uses one 9 volt battery
-Great for the blind, individuals with low vision, or for anyone who doesn’t want to strain their eyes

Easy To Use

Once you unpack the Phoenix talking bathroom scale from the box and slot in the included rectangular 9 volt battery, you are good to go. A light tap on the scale will turn it on. It will say “Hello,” and within a second after, “It’s ready.” At this point, you step on the scale.

Make sure that you take a brief moment to stand steadily and not shift about, otherwise the scale will have difficulty providing an accurate reading. Once the scale has your weight reading, it will announce it in a clear and pleasant female voice. This voice has a good volume to it, and most users find it works just right.

Large Digital Display

If you or a family member who rather have the Phoenix bath scale operate in a silent manner, the voice can be switched off at any time. What’s great is that this bathroom scale comes with a large digital display (approx. 2.5 by 1 inches), so that you can get a reading of your weight easily without straining or hurting your eyes.


In our test of the scale, we found that it measured accurately and consistently within the +/- 1% of error specified. Going through reviews from other users, many have commented that they found the My Weigh Phoenix talking bathroom scale to be accurate in its readings. The weighing mechanism is powered internally by quality digital strain gauges.

This digital talking scale will also read your weight to the nearest 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg, and up to a high weight capacity of 330lb. This level of detail is great if you are on a weight loss program and want to monitor small fluctuations as they occur.

Sturdy Plastic Platform, But There Is A Contour Where You Step

The platform size of approximately 10.7? long by 13.3? wide is large. Some users like it because it has a plastic surface, rather than a glass surface which could be slippery. However, the plastic surface is rather smooth. What could worsen the situation is the contour and dip in the middle.
The platform has a contour that goes up in the middle of the platform and then dips down. This could make it easy for users to slip. The contour is great in that it provides guidance to blind or visually impaired individuals on where to step on the platform. But it does have a disadvantage to it because it dips.

A lot of customers seem OK with this, but at least one lady did complain about this design feature. If you are concerned about this, the My Weigh XL-550 is a great alternatives to consider. It has a nice flat platform, and works well for both light or heavy individuals, up to a capacity of 550 lb/ 250 kg.


All in, the My Weigh Phoenix talking bathroom scale is an accurate and easy to use scale. Whether you intend to use it solely as a digital talking scale, or as regular bathroom scale with a large digital display, you will likely enjoy using it. This is a great and fun piece of talking equipment that can help you and family members keep tabs on your weight and health.