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Digital Bath Scale

Bathroom Scales

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Bathroom Scale MW-330SW For Private Home Use

Bathroom Scale MW-330SW For Private Home Use

Ref: 7

Bathroom Scale MW-330SW
· Weighs up to 330lb in 0.2lb graduations (150x0.1kg)
· Strong tempered glass weighing platform
· Attractive chrome and white design
· Quick and accurate weighing results
· Perfect for your home bathroom
· 10Year American Weigh Warranty!

Price: $29.95

Bathroom Scale AMW-QUANTUM For Private Home Use

Bathroom Scale AMW-QUANTUM For Private Home Use

Ref: 9

Bathroom Scale AMW-QUANTUM
· 396lb Capacity
· 0.2lb Resolution
· Ready to Weigh! No need to tap first!
· Round design saves floor space!
· Strong Tempered Glass Weighing Surface .
· Weighs in LB or KG
· Large LCD Display

Price: $44.95

Bathroom Scale AMW-MERCURY For Private Home Use

Bathroom Scale AMW-MERCURY For Private Home Use

Ref: 99

Bathroom Scale AMW-MERCURY
· Scratch resistant, toughened glass platform
· Talking function
· Reads in pounds and kilograms
· Eye catching design
· 440lb capacity

Price: $44.95

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Bathroom Scale AMW-330LPW For Private Home Use

Bathroom Scale AMW-330LPW For Private Home Use

Ref: 21

Bathroom Scale AMW-330LPW Fitness Scale
330lb x 0.2lb - Ultra thin personal fitness scale!
Clear tempered glass weighing platform with easy to read LCD

Price: $39.90

Bathroom Scale My Weigh Phoenix Body Fat Scale For Private Home Use

Bathroom Scale My Weigh Phoenix Body Fat Scale For Private Home Use

Ref: 23

Bathroom Scale Phoenix Body Fat Digital
330lb x 0.2lb - The Phoenix digital body fat bathroom scales with Athlete & Normal mode. This scale uses BIA technology to determine body fat percentage. It can save information for 10 users. Available in 4 colors.

Price: $44.90

Bathroom Scale My Weigh Phoenix Talking Scale For Private Home Use

Bathroom Scale My Weigh Phoenix Talking Scale For Private Home Use

Ref: 24

Bathroom Scale Phoenix Talking Digital
330lb x 0.2lb - The Phoenix Talking is one of the best bathroom scales available! Great for anyone with poor eyesight. It displays your weight on the digital LCD display and it TALKS!.

Price: $49.90

Why Is It Important To Track My Weight?

It is important to keep track of one’s weight as one’s body weight could be a signal of what’s happening to our bodies internally.
What Weight Loss Means

There are many reasons for a person’s weight loss, whether voluntary or involuntary. Some factors that lead to weight loss include extreme diet, an increase in physical activities, or any sort of illnesses and diseases. Loss of body fluid, muscle mass, and/or fat are direct outcomes of weight loss. The depletion of body fluid can come from different medications, insufficient fluid intake, or illnesses such as diabetes, eating disorders, and chronic diseases.

A decline in body fat can initially be caused by an increase in physical activities and dieting, which is commonly done by people who want to lose weight.

There are times when weight loss occurs naturally, such as the post pregnancy period. Cachexia or wasting syndrome is characterized by unexplained weight loss and inadequate nutrition. Certain chronic illnesses can result in unintentional, unexplained weight loss and must be assessed by a doctor or health professional.

Weigh Yourself Regularly To Keep Track Of Your Health

Every individual has his or her own unique physical and dietary habits. It is essential for one to be aware of what he or she is doing or eating, as those affect one’s health. Self-monitoring and regular weighing is of great help to keep an eye on one’s weight and physical condition. Although it is not always a pleasant or convenient task, it’s a good thing.

Weight tracking is highly recommended to be done weekly (usually not daily, as your weight can fluctuate). Using the scale at the nearest gym, exercise facility, or doctor’s office for a more accurate result. However, if this is not feasible, then your bathroom scale would suffice. For a lot of people, a talking bathroom scale would make it more convenient and fun. Make sure that you yourself at the same time of the day and the same day of the week.

Make a journal and write down your weekly weight records there. Marking your calendar would also help you to keep track of your progress and let you know if you need to step up your weight loss or weight gain. Having a weekly log of your weight helps you to monitor your weight — and ensure that you are in tip-top shape as well.

The importance of using personal bathroom scales

There are many current situations where the weight of an object or person needs to be accurately determined. The best way to precisely measure weight is by using a weighing bathroom scale. Nowadays, scales come in many different categories, depending on what the measured object will be. Personal bathroom scales help determine the body weight of a person in different situations and environments. They are extremely useful in the field of medicine because they help doctors assess the evolution of a patient. Load cells are also very useful weighing devices as they convert force into a measurable signal.

At bathroom scales for less you can find a wide variety of weight measuring devices. Determining the exact weight of an object is very important nowadays and can be achieved with the help of a weighing scale. Scales can determine the weight of a person or the mass of an object.

There are some varieties of scales that are able to measure both gravitational force and mass. The common measuring unit for body weight is the kilogram. In some areas, pounds, stones and even the weight of an elephant are used as standard measuring units. The weighing scale has evolved considerably from the original design which consisted of a beam with a fulcrum at its center.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of types of scales and they can measure the weight of just about anything. Personal bathroom scales are very widespread, as they can be utilized by anyone and also offer highly professional weight measuring. Personal bathroom scales are very useful instruments in fields such as medicine, personal fitness or sports. Most people like to keep track of their weight evolution over time.

A personal bathroom scale is ideal for home use, as it is small, versatile and practical. Anyone can monitor their weight at home to see if a diet is working or simply to be informed about their body fitness. Furthermore, people who suffer from heart diseases and diabetes are required to constantly monitor their weight. A weighing scale can be very useful item in your own home, but in a hospital it's indispensable. Doctors and healthcare personnel must be able to monitor a patients weight evolution at all times.

The measurements must also be extremely accurate Medical scales are designed according to the patients' specific needs. They are meant to provide safe, convenient and accurate weighing for different categories of patients. Medical scales can also be adapted to specific needs. For instance, the medical bed scale provides precise weight measuring of a patient as he lies down. Personal scales are thus very important items in hospitals as well as households. You can find the personal scale that's right for you at bathrooom scales for less.

There are many types of weighing products, each with a specific use. Load cells have become very important weighing devices. They are transducers which convert force into an electrical output. The output can then be measured and the data recorded.

The most common type of load cells are the strain gage based load cells. There are quite a few variations of load cells, the most common including the pneumatic and hydraulic. Load cells represent the most widespread method for industrial weighing applications. Weighing devices are crucial instruments in many fields nowadays.

They are indispensable in areas such as medicine, industry and personal fitness. There are many types of weighing instruments; it all depends on what amount of weight needs to be assessed and in what conditions. Personal scales are most likely the most popular scales as they serve many purposes.

A personal scale is a must have in any hospital and even in most people's homes.

Nowadays, knowing the precise weight of something is very important. personal bathroom scales help determine a person's actual body weight. They are indispensable in many fields, especially medicine. load cells are also highly important weighing instruments. Don't hesitate to visit our website for more information.


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